Custom Peptide Manufacturing
Sterile Fill & Clean Room Services

Thorn BioScience is part of the CreoSalus group of Life Sciences companies located in Louisville, KY. In addition to our proprietary veterinary drugs, we offer a wide range of drug development and clean room services.

Our capabilities and experience, combined the resources of our parent company, allow us to offer a full range of pharmaceutical development services to customers including:

  • Analytical Chemistry (high throughput LC-MS, autopurification, method development & validation, stability & degradation studies)
  • Process Research and Development (polymorph screening, salt selection studies, novel route design, critical process parameters)
  • Scale-up and Manufacture (cGMP and non-GMP production, grams to tons scale, FDA/MHRA inspected)
  • Formulation (parental formulation, sterile and aseptic manufacture, cytotoxics handling, MHRA inspected and cGMP compliant)
  • Regulatory and Quality Support (CMC and DMF support, consulting)

Other CreoSalus Companies include

Advanced ChemTech Chemicals

actFrom its manufacturing facility in Louisville, KY, Advanced ChemTech offers:

  • Custom peptides
  • Unusual and Standard Amino Acids
  • Resins and Pre-load Resins
  • Bulk Pricing and Scale-up Services
  • Reagents

Thuramed Instruments

t1000Originally founded as a human medical devices company, Thuramed offers a full line of state-of-the-art:

  • Peptide/DNA synthesizers
  • Analytical instruments
  • Purification instruments